Stone is an ideal addition to any garden creating a natural, blended and durable element. The varying textures, colours and finishes are ideal for creating bespoke and unique pieces ranging from bird baths and sun dials to garden seats and sculptures.

This birdbath has to be the most basic design, taking a Purbeck stone/rock and chiseling out a bowl, placing it on a plinth of Purbeck stone with levelled-off top and bottom beds and finally placing it on a slab of natural faced Portland stone with a flat panel worked to accommodate the bottom mould or shape of the plinth.
Purbeck stone has a variety of naturally occuring bed heights ranging from just an inch or two up to feet. This makes it an ideal flooring and paving material if two to four inch thickness is required or for steps nine or so inches are required. It also has the property of being watertight so ideal for external work, including a birdbath

Letter cutting in progress. The birdbath bowl is made from Purbeck Thornback stone which is a rather hard and dense, beautifully shelly limestone that is an absolute joy to carve and is perfect for lettering and fine detail carving
The finished bowl. The spiral effect is the result of dressing the stone using a bullnose boaster in drafts working in circles from the outside in. This bowl was actually made from an old flagstone. Click here to see How It's Made
The finished bowl has been mounted on a rustic carved Portland stone plinth and base. How It's Made


This stone seat has been produced using Portland stone, quarried on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, southern England. Renowned as a very durable stone it is suitable for exterior and interior use. The Minimalist is a fundemental design from which bespoke designs can evolve.
Dimensions of this seat - Length = 36 inches, Width = 15 inches, Height = 18 inches.
Alternative dimensions are available.
Prices are available on request.

Secret Mortise & Tennon Joints in Stonework
The Porch and Boot seats are joined utilising a traditional, hand carved secret mortise and tennon joint, allowing for simple slot together assembly, the same system of fixing as used @ Stonehenge,... believe it or not.