Sunday, 20 January 2013


To begin the lettering design is roughly set out on this piece of Portland stone to gauge the aesthetic potential of the available stone dimensions and shape
It has only been roughly drawn as the whole of the face will be dressed back and any current surface details will be removed.
This picture shows the development of the chosen design. As you can see, the lettering has been tooled off although it is a simple process to re-draw the design once the final surface finish, which will be fine-rubbed/polished, has been attained.
To see the tools and techniques used to reach this stage check out 'How It's Made'
With the surface rubbed and lettering drawn it is now time to cut or carve the letters. A general rule of thumb when carving incised lettering is to use a chisel of the same width as the drawn letter. Here I am using a half inch tungsten tipped chisel to rough-out the letter before finishing with a three quarter inch lettering chisel.
The finished design. To see the complete production process visit 'How It's Made'